Biomedical Science Day 2018: At the Heart of Healthcare

24 Jul, 2018

Last Thursday was Biomedical Science Day 2018, an annual event held by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) to celebrate and raise awareness of the vital role biomedical scientists and laboratory staff play in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Healthcare laboratories are involved in over 70% of diagnoses within the NHS and handle over 150 million samples every year. Each day, doctors depend on the knowledge, skills and expertise of thousands of laboratory staff working across the UK; their work literally saves lives. It may be a ‘hidden science’, but biomedical science is at the core of all medicine, and at the heart of healthcare.

To celebrate Biomedical Science Day 2018, we’ve decided to highlight some of the hard work and achievements of biomedical science and support staff from HSL and beyond:

HSL sponsored the Biomedical Scientist of the Year Award at this year’s Advancing Healthcare Awards. HSL’s very own Celeste Snowden was shortlisted, but the award went to Malcolm Robinson, a very deserving winner and founder of Harvey’s Gang – a charity providing VIP laboratory tours for sick children.

Tropical diseases may sound exotic, but with increasing global mobility they are more common in the UK than you may think. Professor Peter Chiodini is clinical lead for the diagnosis of parasitic infections at HSL and has a keen interest in the development of new molecular techniques. Read more about his passion for parasitology here.

HSL launched its apprenticeship scheme late last year. Three young apprentices – Yusuf Yusuf, Shakai Jones and John Chalcraft – discuss why they decided to take a leap into the laboratory, and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

As the ‘science behind the cure’, pathology has always been at the cutting edge of technological innovation. But with more information flowing between laboratories, hospitals, scientists and doctors than ever before, Dr Wai Keong Wong explains why digital pathology is the future.

HSL is a partnership between The Doctors Laboratory, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust (the Royal Free London) and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH)

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