Molecular Mycology at ISHAM 2018

25 Jul, 2018

Earlier this month Dr Rebecca Gorton, a senior clinical scientist in microbiology at HSL, attended the 20th Congress of the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM) in Amsterdam

Rebecca has specialist experience in the field of mycology and was recently awarded a PhD for her research into new molecular diagnostic techniques for invasive fungal infections. She attended the ISHAM conference in her role as Candida group laboratory lead for the Fungal PCR Initiative (FPCRI), a European working group investigating the process of incorporating PCR into routine clinical practice.

As part of this role, Rebecca is collating and analysing PCR data from over 20 different centres to find out why some sites perform better than others. By evaluating the validity of Candida PCR on a large scale, the group will identify the key components that improve diagnostic accuracy in particular patient groups.

The sensitivity, ease of use and quick turnaround time of molecular techniques could revolutionise fungal diagnostics. It’s still early days, but by presenting and discussing fungal PCR data at conferences such as ISHAM, Rebecca and the rest of the team are helping to push mycology up the scientific agenda and improve diagnostics in this critically important field.

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