40-years of service! Jackie Parvu, North Middlesex University Hospital RRL Manager’s remarkable milestone

17 Nov, 2020

Reflecting on her time with the hospital, Jackie remembered how she “fell into” her first job there. Graduating from Hull University with a Zoology degree and wondering what to do next, her careers advisor pointed her in the direction of a Junior B MLSO post being advertised in London.

Being completely unaware of what being a MLSO entailed but enticed by the prospect of a job in London, Jackie presented herself to the Biochemistry Manager for a look around the Chemistry and Haematology laboratories. On asking which department she would like to work in, Jackie immediately said Chemistry, mainly so not to offend her interviewer!

The rest, as they say, is history.

Jackie studied hard, obtaining Fellowship of the IBMS and then went on to be a Senior and Chief BMS, responsible for Endocrinology, Proteins and Immunology, before becoming RRL manager and leading the whole service.

The day was celebrated with lots of cake and a fair amount of reminiscing about old times.

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