The routine haematology laboratories are busy and energetic environments that form part of the blood sciences and local rapid response laboratories. The department can provide a mixture of fully automated and some manual testing of both routine and some more specialised haematological parameters.

The departments use Sysmex technology to analyse both FBC and routine coagulation parameters-the Sysmex XN9000 system can provide both routine and more specialised parameters for FBC enumeration. The XN9000 also incorporates a digital morphology module with automated slide makers to speed up and allow electronic back up of data for blood film analysis. Also available on this track will be automated analysis of HBA1c’s, enabling sample workflow to be improved.

The routine coagulation section uses the Sysmex CS5100, which is both reliable and fast, and enables a high sample throughput to be managed efficiently.

The laboratory is also able to offer some manual testing such as sickle cell screening, glandular fever and malaria testing.

We hold the IBMS pre- and post- registration training approval for completion of the IBMS Registration Portfolio and Specialist Diplomas, as well as being accredited under Clinical Pathology Accreditation whilst transitioning to ISO 15189 under the programme of UKAS assessment schedules.

With the laboratories being located within busy hospitals the cases encountered can encompass the vast majority of haematological disorders, especially as some of the hospital sites are referral centres. As such the team of staff are dynamic and highly experienced at dealing with the various cases that arise on an often daily basis.

The team are also highly experienced blood film morphologists and have had the opportunity to see blood films on most haematological disorders – some of which are rarely seen.

HSL is a partnership between The Doctors Laboratory, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust (the Royal Free London) and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH)

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