John Kersey is a Senior Project Manager working across Sonic Healthcare UK. His role covers a number of key operational and strategic organisational transformation projects.

Refresh and refurb

John’s latest project is the refreshment and refurbishment of Northwick Park Hospital’s pathology labs. They are being modernised in anticipation of the ever growing demand for diagnostic services, and John has been tasked with making it all happen.

With a background in the clinical side of pathology and diagnostics, he brings valuable experience when it comes to driving and assisting teams to change the design of a lab or employ new equipment.

As the project manager, John’s job starts with an early assessment of the changes that are required in a location. Then he has to make sure the site is ready for any new equipment.

This requires a lot of planning and liaison with the equipment manufacturer, the estates building team, IT and, in particular, with the operations team managed by Randa Bonis.

The Northwick Park project began in 2021 when work started to refurbish the Blood Sciences lab. The programme will eventually include upgrading the Cellular Pathology and Microbiology departments.

Extensive, lengthy and complex

The whole scope of works is extensive, lengthy and complex. Continuity of service is vital and so the plan involves several carefully coordinated phases.

As well as bedding in a host of new equipment, the workspaces are also being redesigned to offer a more open plan environment. Great care is also being taken to incorporate the latest in sustainable materials and energy efficiency.

Having completed five phases of the project, Blood Sciences will now benefit from state-of-the-art equipment for chemistry, haematology and biochemistry, a new track system and a working environment that is fit for the future of pathology diagnostics.

Work has now started on refreshing the Cellular Pathology lab which will involve nine phases in all, with all the logistical challenges that come with bedding in bigger, better and faster equipment.

“We anticipate that there’ll be considerable extra diagnostic workload in the future - and a lot of what we do now is about preparing for that,” says John. “But there’s no doubt that the shared investment, hard work and planning will pay off for both patients and staff.”