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BBTS Conference 2018

Sara White / 22nd Oct, 2018

Science for the Future

Sara White / 24th Sep, 2018

Train the Trainer Day

Sara White / 5th Sep, 2018

Malaria rapid diagnostic testing: WHO visits the Halo

Sara White / 4th Sep, 2018

European Congress of Cytology 2018

Sara White / 27th Jul, 2018

Biomedical Science Day 2018: At the Heart of Healthcare

Sara White / 24th Jul, 2018

My life as an apprentice: John Chalcraft

Sara White / 17th Jul, 2018

Leadership Development at HSL

Sara White / 4th Jul, 2018

Art in the Laboratory: A Halo Perspective

Sara White / 4th Jul, 2018

Group B Strep Awareness Month

Sara White / 2nd Jul, 2018