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Sonic Reports – Issue 1

Sara White / 6th Sep, 2019

Celebrating Excellence in Pathology

Sara White / 15th Jul, 2019

Medical training at HSL

Sara White / 14th May, 2019

World Haemophilia Day 2019

Sara White / 17th Apr, 2019

HSL launches outreach programme

Sara White / 11th Apr, 2019

Celebrating Pathology for British Science Week

Sara White / 12th Mar, 2019

HSL’s 4th Annual Research and Innovations Symposium

Sara White / 19th Dec, 2018

Multi-site Training Strategies

Sara White / 18th Dec, 2018

What is it like to work at HSL?

Sara White / 12th Dec, 2018

Improving HIV care in the Balkans

Sara White / 1st Nov, 2018