HSL Laboratories

Health Services Laboratories (HSL) is a clinically-led provider of pathology and diagnostic services

HSL has a network of clinical laboratories across the country 

Its flagship laboratory, the Halo, marks a significant step forward in the way pathology is conducted in the UK. Situated opposite the renowned Crick Institute, next to the Wellcome Trust and adjacent to some of the finest hospitals and medical schools in Europe, the Halo is transformational in the delivery of a new kind of healthcare.


The Halo, HSL’s flagship laboratory, is spread over 11 floors with five split-level basements, and is home to more than 1,000 staff working within a connected suite of laboratories spanning more than 100,000 square feet. It has dedicated clinical and non-clinical cores for vertical connectivity. The pioneering work conducted at the Halo is seamlessly linked to our group national network of hub and spoke laboratories throughout the UK.

As a clinically-led provider of world-class pathology and diagnostic services to the NHS, HSL is committed to ensuring that patients, doctors, specialists and research scientists have access to the latest technology available. And within the Halo, we have the best that science can offer, providing excellent service levels, the very best laboratory facilities for extensive research and harnessing the skills of some of the brightest minds in medicine. All working to ensure that pathology is at the heart of health, revolutionising the way we deliver an even better and more personalised standard of care.

Watch the Kiestra installation at the Halo

Mortimer Market

Mortimer Market rapid response laboratory (RRL) provides urgent parasitology diagnostic work in association with the travel clinic and the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. The RRL sits alongside the actual clinics to ensure the best service possible with the fastest diagnostic results, enabling clinicians to treat their patients during their appointment or shortly after.

60 Whitfield Street

60 Whitfield Street is currently being transformed into an RRL for UCLH and a specialist centre for cellular pathology. The RRL will serve all of UCLH’s urgent work, including A&E, ITU and in-patient work. The specialist cellular pathology centre will be largest in the UK, with medical staff working alongside laboratory staff using the most advanced histology and cytology equipment available. Practical completion of the specialist centre is on target for autumn 2019.

Royal Free London and North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

HSL has developed two RRLs at the Royal Free London and the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, which launched in summer 2016. Both sites have had new laboratory equipment that has been standardised to align them with the network of laboratories with the Group. This provides many benefits ensuring they feel part of a larger community of scientists and experts that can discuss aspects of the services with individuals who operate similar systems. This also enables a full off-site business continuity solution with connectivity back to the hospital result reporting systems. The services operating from the RRLs include haematology, biochemistry, routine coagulation and blood transfusion.

Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals

Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals Pathology have seen some significant changes since joining HSL in 2017.

At the Barnet site, the pathology laboratories have been completely redesigned and refurbished. They are now a modern, state of the art Rapid Response Laboratory (RRL) providing acute services to both hospital sites for chemistry, haematology and blood transfusion. The andrology laboratory has been completely re-equipped, and there is a new POCT base within the RRL.

HSL supported the trust when they brought the new EPR system into service for Barnet and Chase Farm hospitals in October 2018. The cellular pathology department, formerly situated in the old hospital domain on the Chase Farm site, had all been transferred by December 2018. The cervical screening service is now part of the new CSL laboratory at the Halo (which serves the whole of London), and the histology and diagnostic cytology departments are currently located at HSL’s Royal Free Hampstead site until the new specialist cellular pathology centre at 60 Whitfield Street is ready to accommodate them. Remote issue blood fridges have been installed at various locations within both Chase Farm and Barnet Hospitals.

Cervical Screening London

Since December 2019, HSL has been providing a comprehensive, single site HPV primary screening service for the NHS Cervical Screening Programme in London.

HSL delivers this service in partnership with London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (LNWUH) under the banner of Cervical Screening London (CSL). This new service combines expertise from across London, working together to create a centre of excellence for cervical screening.

Find out more here: hslpathology.com/csl

HSL is a partnership between The Doctors Laboratory, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust (the Royal Free London) and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH)

Health Services Laboratories
Health Services Laboratories
Health Services Laboratories