Brian Madden joined the organisation as our Group Commercial Director in March. He has had a long association with the Sonic Group, coming from Sonic’s Irish laboratory where he was CEO until earlier this year.

Despite qualifying as an electronic engineer, Brian has always worked in and around the family-owned business which was Ireland’s first private laboratory. It was in that environment that he developed his considerable expertise in lab-related supply chain management, inventory services and management experience.

He built up a specialist pathology logistics business, creating a fleet of drivers and vehicles to deliver medical samples through a temperature controlled supply chain, to national and international laboratories.

In 2010 when Sonic entered the Irish healthcare market and established its Irish laboratory, Brian joined as a member of the senior management team, and expanded his responsibilities within the business to include procurement and some areas of finance. In 2016, he became Medlab Pathology’s CEO.

The combination of the sale of Medlab’s ongoing business, and changes to the Irish domestic market meant Brian was able to take up the newly created role of Sonic Healthcare UK’s Group Commercial Director. The role is an extensive one with overall responsibility for our commercial strategy, logistics, distribution, bid management, and some areas of facilities and administration.

Looking forward to the experience

Brian says there are several reasons he is enjoying his time in the Sonic UK group. Working with people with whom he has built relationships over the years is one. The company’s core values is another:

“I think medical leadership defines us as an organisation. It’s a very aligned way of thinking and it’s absolutely right to put patients at the forefront of decision making,” he says.

Looking ahead

Having spent nearly six months getting to know the business in more detail and getting a deeper understanding of our market place, I am particularly impressed with both our technical standards, the on-going laboratory developments we are involved in and our passion for providing the best service we can for clinicians and their patients.

Meeting the team

Although Brian will be splitting his time between Ireland and London, the majority of his time will be spent in the UK. He says that one of the greatest challenges he faces will be getting to meet the many people he will be working with.

Covid and travel restrictions aside, Brian says he is determined to get around to introduce himself as soon as possible.