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HSL Cellular Pathology

HSL’s Cellular Pathology Department consists of Histopathology and Diagnostic Cytology. Its prime objectives are to provide hospital clinicians and general practitioners with a speedy, high quality diagnostic service.

UCLH and Core Laboratories

Cellular Pathology Specimen Reception
Diagnostic Cytology Laboratory
Histopathology Laboratory
Cellular Pathology Reporting
Cellular Pathology Office/Archive
60 Whitfield Street
London, W1T 4EU

Mohs Service (Chase Farm only)
Mohs Laboratory, Dermatology Zone C
Chase Farm Hospital
127 The Ridgeway
Enfield, EN2 8JL

General enquiries

During working hours (see below), please contact the Main Laboratory on 020 3912 0349 / 020 3912 0348.

Laboratory hours

Histopathology: Monday–Friday, 07:30–19:00.
Diagnostic Cytology: Monday–Friday, 09:00–17:30.

Urgent requests

Please contact the relevant pathologist to discuss urgent processing prior to sending the sample.

Out-of-hours service

There is no routine consultant diagnostic service for weekends and bank holidays; for urgent results special arrangements must be made in advance.

Currently, only the RFL histopathology section of Cellular Pathology offers an out-of-hours service for RFL Patients. The on-call service is a consultant led out-of-hours telephone advisory service and is available every evening and at weekends; this includes a technical service for very urgent samples. Where a sample requires out-of-hours processing the on-call consultant should be contacted first, via the switchboard.

There is no on-call or out of hours service for consultant histopathologists or cytologists for the UCLH Hospital Patients.

Clinical advice

During working hours (Monday–Friday, 09:00–17:30), please contact the relevant Consultant Pathologist.

Please note that: