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HSL Haematology

HSL’s routine haematology laboratories form part of the blood sciences and local rapid response laboratories. Fully automated and some manual testing of both routine and some more specialised haematological parameters are provided.

The departments use the Sysmex XN9000 system to analyse FBC and routine coagulation parameters – the XN9000 can provide both routine and more specialised parameters for FBC enumeration. The XN9000 also incorporates a digital morphology module with automated slide makers to speed up and allow electronic back up of data for blood film analysis. Automated analysis of HBA1c can also be available on this track, enabling sample workflow to be improved.

The routine coagulation section uses the Sysmex CS5100, which is both reliable and fast, and enables a high sample throughput to be managed efficiently. The CS5100 can automatically detect haemolysis and lipaemic samples, assisting the lab staff to make informed decisions about sample rejection criteria.

The Haemostasis department uses a range of highly specialized equipment to cater for platelet function testing, bleeding disorders, thrombotic disorders, monitoring anticoagulation therapy, and the diagnosis and monitoring of microangiopathy disorders.

The laboratory is also able to offer some manual testing such as sickle cell screening, glandular fever and malaria testing.

We hold the IBMS pre- and post- registration training approval for completion of the IBMS Registration Portfolio and Specialist Diplomas. HSL Haematology is a UKAS Accredited Medical Laboratory No. 8169.

General enquiries

Out of hours service

Routine haematology tests are performed 24/7.


See the main Tests section for general information on ordering tests, and specimen collection, packaging and transport.

All citrate samples sent by post or with an overnight delay must be double spun and sent frozen.

Samples should be sent to:

Health Services Laboratories
The Halo Building
1 Mabledon Place
London WC1H 9AX

Request procedures

See the main Tests section for general information on request procedures.

Please note that sample stability times will affect the feasibility of running add-on tests – please phone the lab to discuss.