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Oncogenomics (haematological cytogenetics) tests

Performed are per requirements of the WHO Classification of Tumours of haematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues and European recommendations , No2 (Swerdlow et al., 2017), Quality assurance for cytogenomic analysis of haematological neoplasms (Rack et al., Leukemia 2019) and following the UCLH/SIHMDS diagnostic algorithm (see as described below:

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Test name
ALL Genome profile
AML Genome profile
Chromosome banding karyotype
CLL Genome profile
CLL Prognostification FISH screen
MDS Genome profile
Molecular Karyotyping
MPD Genome profile
Myeloma FISH high risk markers screen
Myeloma Genome profile
Next-generation sequencing
Single FISH test as per request