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Leukaemia/Lymphoma RNA Sequencing (Fusion Gene and SNV/Indel) Panel

Sample Reqs



2 weeks

Special instructions

No special instructions.

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Lavender Vacutainer, EDTA anticoagulant, 4ml/10ml(10ml EDTA tubes are used for specific PCR assays)

Test details

This next-generation sequencing (NGS) panel analyses RNA samples for single nucleotide variants (SNVs), short insertions/deletions (indels), or fusion transcripts associated with leukaemias, lymphomas and other haematological malignancies.

The panel encompasses targets in over 199 genes relating to lymphoid and myeloid malignancies. By using gene-specific primers to amplify into molecular barcodes ligated onto the cDNA fragment ends, both known and novel fusions can be identified.


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Last-updated: 13/03/23


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